o   What is shoptot?

shoptot is a three day, pop-up children’s consignment sale held three times per year. Located in a large, rented space, it IS special event-meets-warehouse sale.

o   What’s for sale?

Gently-used children’s toys, games, clothes and accessories, sold by other parents. We also offer maternity wear and parents’ items, too (diaper bags, etc.). You’ll find name-brand items at great discounts. Clothing for each sale is specific to the upcoming season (the march SALE WILL FEATURE warm WEATHER CLOTHING, all toys, gear and more).

o   How do I sell my children’s things?

Consignor registration opens in advance of each sale; you will be assigned a consignor number and login information to access the system.  Once registered, you will be able to enter the items you’d like to sell, generating a bar code for each one. The bar code can be simply printed by your printer at home and adhered to each item you’re selling.  You will be able to log in to the system during the sale to see real-time updates of what’s selling!

o  is there a fee to register? 

There is a fee of $8.00 to register as a consignor for the sale, due at the time of registration.

o   how much can I earn as a consignor?

Consignors make 60% of the price your item sells for (more than most consignment shops), and there is currently no limit on the quantity of items you may consign! if you volunteer during the sale, you earn additional 5%!

o   where can I get the tags for my items?

The system will allow yOu to generate tags with all the important information. You can then print on regular computer paper and adhere to items!

o   Where and when do I drop my items off?

Once you register as a consignor, you will have access to the system that allows you to price and log your items, as well as sign up for your drop-off slot. There are hour-long slots to choose from the week leading up to the sale. First come, first serve! the march sale drop-off weekend is march 16-17 (the saturday and sunday before the sale).

o   What about items that don’t sell?

At the end of the sale (Sunday afternoon), items that remain may be picked up, if you choose. If you do not want unsold items back, they will be donated to a local charity & you will receive a donated item form.

o   What is half-price Sunday?

As a consignor, you may choose at the time of registration to mark down items 50% for Sunday’s sale. This is your option, but marked down items sell best, as many parents return to the sale Sunday for even better deals.

o   Tips for consignors?

Price competitively, as other consignors may be selling similar items. Choosing to discount items for Sunday’s sale will also help them sell. Only consign toys and clothes that are in good, clean condition.

o   Tips for shoppers?

Come early for the best selection of items. Some inventory will be held and put out Saturday morning, to keep the sales floor fresh. We love children (of course!) but keep in mind that shopping with little ones or strollers may be difficult. We accept all credit cards and cash. No checks.

o   Do all clothing items need to be on hangers?

Yes. any hangers WORK. You should pin clothes to wire hangers; pants can be hung on clip hangers. The shopper will be able to keep the hangers for the items purchased.

o   When do I get paid for my sold items?

Checks will be mailed to YOUR registered address the week following the sale. Near instant gratification!

o   How can I shop the sale early?

Consignors can shop the sale before open to the public, on Friday from 10am- 12pm.